How does it work?

Once you’ve signed up to our delightful box, Here’s what happens next!

We work day and night slicing up the most scrumptious of cheeses and carefully placing them inside your box of cheesy goodness.

If however your box comes with the carefully selected Wines and Beers we have found along our travels. They will be jam packed in next to your delightful cheese selection and extra goodies for you to enjoy.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Each box comes with a selection of extra-cheesy recipes and a booklet on where your “Grate” products came from along with words from the Farmers, Brewers and Wine Do-ers.

Once your box is all ready it is whisked away by a lightning fast courier straight to your door. If you’re not in the driver will make another attempt the next day. If however you have a lovely neighbour they can deliver it to that will do just fine!

The letterbox is just small enough to squeeze through your door so no need to wait to tuck into your brand new box!

Cancellations are as easy 1-2-3! Simply cancel your subscription by these simple methods

1. Cancel your direct debit via your bank/Paypal

2. Log into the My Account area, navigate to Subscription and click on Cancel.

3. Email our Brie-liant team and we will do it for you!